Sentinel-2 L2A dataset

The Sentinel-2 mission is a land monitoring constellation of two satellites that provide high resolution optical imagery and provide continuity for the current SPOT and Landsat missions. The mission provides a global coverage of the Earth's land surface every 5 days, making the data of great use in on-going studies. L2A data are available from April 2017 for wider Europe and December 2018 globally.

Data structure

Each file is its own object in Amazon S3. The data are organised per tiles using the Military grid system (latest KML file). The basic data format is the following:

tiles/[UTM code]/latitude band/square/[year]/[month]/[day]/[sequence]/DATA

For example, the files for individual scene are available in the following location: s3://sentinel-s2-l2a/tiles/10/S/DG/2018/12/31/0/



The metadata of the product, which tile is part of, are available in parallel folder (productInfo.json contains the name of the product). This can be found in products/[year]/[month]/[day]/[product name].

Accessing the Sentinel-2 L2A dataset

If you use the AWS Command Line Interface, you can list data in the bucket with the “ls” command:

aws s3 ls s3://sentinel-s2-l2a/

The data is in Requester Pays S3 bucket.

Some meta-data is available over HTTP proxy, find more details here


If you have questions about the data, please use Sentinel Hub forum


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